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10.27.11 Packing for a BOSTON Wedding / Follow me on my Facebook – Video updates

Hello everybody. Time has come for me to start packing for a wonderful wedding in the east coast. Boston Mass. This Friday I will photograph an awesome wedding in Los Angeles and the very next day Im off to another wedding up in Boston. Im pretty excited for this one.



A full blog update of the trip, wedding images will obviously come after the event but because of my busy schedule I won’t be able to edit and post the images right away.  The good news is, I will be randomly updating my facebook page with pictures and video clips of the trip. So if you are not currently following me on facebook go ahead and click on the facebook link below and add me as a friend. Its going to be a great time and a very exciting photographic journey to a place thats just beautiful this time of year. A photographer’s paradise. Im hoping the weather cooperates :)  I will take my pro cameras and lenses with me for the job but I will do all the facebook updating using my new iPhone 4S. hehe.. Talk to you soon.

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Hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween. Talk to you soon.



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8.25.11 New Site – New Logo –

Hey Guys. Great news today. Just launched my brand new and improved website redesign. I’ve had my old one a long time and I thought it was time for a change. I had simple in mind when I was working on it. I even ditched my old logo. A new logo from here on out. This one is here to stay. I just wanted something simple and professional looking in a logo and title. Anyway guys check it out at WWW.STYLEIMAGING.COM Thank you!  Oh yah and if you haven’t already, please bookmark my site. Thanks a bunch. Vahagn.

Here is the new logo. :)

FacebookTwitterBlogger PostEmailGoogle BuzzMySpaceDeliciousDiggShare – Armenian Weddings Directory Blog

Hey Guys. My work is featured in’s official blog. Check it out! A big thank you to Marineh and for this great privilege. is your one stop for everything wedding. All the info you need. Contacts to all vendors out there. Check em out for your up and coming harsanik.

Here is the link to the blog post. Check it out!  Thanks a bunch.

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3.15.11 Yerevan Magazine – Photo published

Hey guys. I thought I would share this with you all. A cool article about a great friend of mine – Greg Hosharian, which features one of my images.  A great read. Check it out. Thank you to Yerevan magazine

Read the Article

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Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Wow guys. 5 years ago today yours truly got married to a girl named Lusine.  WOW 5 years. I cannot believe how time goes by. I remember the day so clearly. That is until I had a little to much to drink,, hehe Thankfully it was at the end of the wedding party. :) But it seems like it was yesterday I was planning the wedding and now, 5 years later, raising so far our only child Ani and just living life.

For the next five years, Lusine and I are going to make an effort to travel more and see different parts of the world. Photographing each step as we go along.  I haven’t done much traveling these past 5 years because of work and the baby.

Here are a few images of my special day. Ohh and let me add this. As years go by , wedding photography becomes that much more precious. Looking back at how things were, Im so glad I had my day documented and captured the right way. Thank you Maestro Dickran Mansurian – Mansurian Photograhy.  You rock!!  So all you future couples out there, invest in what truly is the most important part of your wedding. The memories. Here are a few for you guys. 

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Nikon Live Cool Shot Contest

Hey guys. One of my images that I like dearly is in a contest over at NIKON. Armenian space station drummer Barrett Yeretsian jammin at the Roxy. I’d love for you guys to vote for my image. It takes 2 seconds. Here is the link. 

Nikon Cool Shot Contest

Here is the link one more time and thank you for your vote!!!!

Nikon Cool Shot Contest

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Diego Forlan,, They are in the Semi’s baby. GO uruguay.

For those of you who didn’t know. My mother’s side of the family is from Uruguay  of Armenian decent. She was born in Uruguay and I have many relatives still living in Montevideo Uruguay.  So them progressing like this is a big deal for me personally. This means more to me then just rooting for a team to do well. I guess you can say its a family thing. GO URUGUAY GO!!!!!

I wish I was in the sidelines right now with a 600MM just snappin away. One day hopefully.

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95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Today is the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The deliberate and systematic destruction (genocide) of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire during and just after World War I.[1] It was implemented through wholesale massacres and deportations, with the deportations consisting of forced marches under conditions designed to lead to the death of the deportees. The total number of Armenians that were killed is 1,500,000. Turkey till this day is in complete denial of the genocide. This is total bs.

An image showing the ottoman turks forcing the armenians in deportation and death marches.

Every year on this day the Armenian people gather in different locations to remember the armenians that were massacred and to spread recognition of what happened. One location is the Armenian Genocide Monument in Montebello where about 5,000 people gather. That is just one of the locations of many all over the world.

I might be heading over there in a little bit, if I do, then I will post some images right here soon.

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Got the iPad!!!!

Well guys. I thought I’d write a non professional review on the apple iPad from a consumer point of view. I’m not much for writing reviews but what the heck.

I finally got one of these puppies. My first impression. Amazing. Just amazing. I new I was going to like it when I got it. It is not for everybody. but for those who use the many features and apps on the iphone,, then this is a great addition on a way bigger scale. I am a big apple fan. They just make products that work. One thing though, I own a macbook pro and a macbook already and I seldom use them for internet anymore.  This will by no means replace your computer, because its meant for a different purpose but maybe it will change the way you read email and surf the web. The battery life is really good compared to the iPhone. 



I was impressed on how the keyboard comes up and how easy it is to use. I myself have big hands and I found no problem typing. One thing about typing, you might have to get used to it a bit. It all depends how you use it. Its a bit tricky on your lap. You might find it hard to get into a comfortable position using both hands to type because of the nature of the product. It doesn’t bend or sway like a laptop does. 


Internet is so much fun on this thing. Its smooth. The screen is crisp. and the functionality really brings new meaning to surfing the web. I love it. And yes, the video works on that espn page you see up there when I click the play button.  Playoffs baby!!!! Go Lakers!!


The apps. Ohh the apps.. Great.  There are apps specially designed for the ipad. and all the old iphone apps work on here aswell. The screen minimized on the iphone apps but you can zoom in. I happened to download this air hockey game. Very fun. I got checkers on here aswell. Im guessing you put the ipad on a table and play with a friend. The things they come up with. Never a dull moment anymore. :)


YouTube works great. The browsing menu for videos is something I’ve never seen. So easy and fluid. Here’s a video of the Armenian Space Station I was watching on my IPad. 


I thought I would show you the size compared to the iPhone. 

Anyway, these are my first impressions after owning my 32gb iPad for only a few hours. I bought the WiFi only version because i thought well, It would be faster and the fact that the 3G is not out yet,, Who knows,, maybe if I feel like I would need the 3G  wifi version, I will just upgrade.

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Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a happy easter. I know I did. Spend some time with the family. It felt great.

Well I had been working for some time on styleimaging and and I kept thinking,, shall I combime the two sites,, So i did for a little while as you guys have seen,, but as of April 5th 2010 is born again.  I decided to have my own sepraite portfolio site and blog all together. and what better name for a personal blog than my own,,, so from now on is my blog and is my website…   please check them out ,, i just finished the finishing touches right now and I am super tired.

Other stuff going on,, lets see,, playoff are bout to start,, cant wait to see if we can win back 2 back,, lakers all the way baby..

the iPAD,, i havent had the time to go play with one but Im thinking to just wait for the 3G version to come out  so I will get one later on next month or so,

Cant wait to start shooting again,, im always exciting to work with new clients and new places. enough of me for now,  till next post,,


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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!

I want to wish everybody a happy new year. WOW 2009 was a year of  highs and some lows. I learned allot this ending year. Everything that I have learned and expierianced in the world of photography I will put into gear this coming 2010. I have many things planned for the new year.  Many new products and services I will be offering.  I will be enhancing my web presence big time. So stay tuned and I will see you in front of my lens soon.  

BTW, I have made a few really important New Year resolutions and one of them is to constantly take pictures. Im planning on having my camera with me at all times this year and sharing it all with you guys. So stay tuned to STYLEIMAGING.COM and VAHAGN.COM 

Take care and have an awesome new year this year. Take allot of pictures !!!  :)

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 I had some issues with my blog and the software associated with my blog. Some technical stuff but i finally got it sorted out. so im back. Been real busy with work and allot of editing. Im working on my site  and im going to launch it in a few weeks. is going to be my exclusive place for my pro photography stuff. will continue to be my blog. 

Other stuff going on, 

My Daughter Ani just turned 1. Happy birthday Ani . She is such a big part of my life now. Its so great. How time flies. 

So anyway im back  online blogging and I will get it started with an image of the week. 

BTW George and Narine wedding to follow shortly. thanks.


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Long time no Blog? ANI 8 months! LAKERS CHAMPS! Father day!

Hey  Guys, I know. its been a while. Well just to let u all know, lots of changes on the way,, great changes. As you can see my blog has recieved   a  face lift. That is just some of the things I have been up to lately. Been working hard. Wedding season is here and its been busy. As you guys see, my new site name VAHAGN PHOTOGRAPHER. More on that later. I’m back.  There is going to be blog updates very frequently. I promised myself that Im going to be commited to blogging almost everyday. Ive been shooting allot. many interesting people. My family is great. My wife, My little girl ANi.  She is 8 months today. Wow how time passes. Anyway. I will share lots and lots of things with u guys soon, 

PS. got the new Iphone 3GS  32gig .. love it,, its amazing.Let see what else.. Ohh yah Congrats to my Lakers for the championship. I new  they could do it this year.and also happy father’s day to all the fathers out there. This is my first year being a father and it waas great. Spent time with wifey and my parents. anyway.. bye for now,,,

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Hi guys.  It has been a long time since I have blogged anything because of the fact I’ve been busy with other projects and family stuff with the baby. But now I am back with a new look to my blog as well as a cool new url. My new blog is simply VAHAGN.COM   -How perfect can it be. That happens to be my first name. Cool Deal.  It was a long waiting process to actually register this name because it was taken by a guy with my same name in Armenia but I finally was patient and I got it. The old blog was You can access the old blog by clicking the link. 

With VAHAGN.COM   I will deliver very interesting posts about what I’ve been up to with my photography and my up to date most recent work.  ohh and  of course I made a pact to myself that I will post much more frequently. I am working on doing allot of video posts coming soon.

Ohh by the way. I added my facebook contact up on top  :)

Ok well I will leave you now with a few images of my baby girl taken with an older point and shoot camera. A 4 year old Panasonic Lumix.  The first picture was actually taken with my macbook pro web cam. I just cannot get enough of her. 





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