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Katch and Gayane’s Wedding – Bagramian Hall Wedding – Holy Cross

So here it is guys. This spacial day captured by yours truly. I had a special fun time at this wedding. Saw allot of old school friends. Took allot of pictures, and just had a great time as always. It is always fun going to my home town of Montrebello. Brings back memories of the past. I know it’s only 12 miles from Pasadena where I live now but still. hehe. K and G –  Congratulations on your big day together. I had fun as your photographer and new friend. I want to thank your families as well for being super cool and a joy to be around. A.K.  your awesome bro! hehe.. thanks for all the kind words.  Enjoy the images. 

 I just love these mother and daughter moments. So real and so joyful. Love this shot. 












One of my favorites. :)




























Congrats you guys. It was great. Thanks again. V

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Katch and Gayane’s Wedding Preview

Here is a little preview of yesterday’s amazing wedding I captured. K and G  you guys are awesome. Thank you for everything. You guys totally rock. I had tons of fun. Saw allot of old friends and just did my thing that I love to do. Capture memories to cherish forever. I can’t wait to show you more images of this wedding on my next blog post but for now, here is a little preview. 

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Gary and Talin’s Wedding – Verdugo Hills Country Club Wedding

Ok Guys. As promised. Here it is. Gary and Talin’s magical day. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had photographing this wedding. Super fun couple which was a pleasure to work with. They are amazing and I wish them all the best in their new journey together. On with the images. Enjoy!!

Have I ever said I love real moments?  Well I love capturing real magic of the day. 


Gary asking for Talin’s hand in marriage. Emotional moments that rock!!






Mother Daughter special moments!!




LOVE LOVE LOVE — the LIGHT!!!!!!  








Talin and her 4 sisters. Awesome family!!!
















Rockin Out to some Journey! For some reason,, The Sopranos finale came to mind hehe,, Awesome moment!



Congratulations to Gary and Talin from STYLEIMAGING   :)  




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Gary & Talin – Wedding Preview

Here is a little preview of the beautiful and very emotional wedding I captured yesterday. There was tears of joy. Emotional moments. A very emotional speech from the groom that even had me tear eyed. I just want to thank them for having me capture this magical day for them. Gary and Talin are one of the friendliest people you could ever meet and it was an honor being their photographer and new friend. More on this wedding on my next blog post but for now here is a teaser. Enjoy. 

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Matthew & Arpa’s Wedding – Brandview Collection Wedding

Here it is guys. Matthew and Arpa’s Wedding. This was a fun wedding to be a part of. Super fun time with the coolest down to earth couple. These two are madly in love and they were very easy to shoot. Enjoy these special moments that I take pride in capturing.

A special mother and daughter moment!

I just love real moments like these!

It is these types of moving real moments that I just does it for me as a photographer. Love it.

Thanks again guys and congratulations!!! I wish you guys a lifetime of health, happiness, and success.

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Matt & Arpa’s Wedding Preview

Hi Guys. Hope everyone had a rockin weekend. I know I did. I photographed an awesome wedding that I can not wait to show you guys. But for now I will give you guys a little preview. BTW Matt and Arpa – You guys ROCK!!!!! 

Stay tuned for the full blog post coming soon.  

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Ervin & Shantel’s Wedding Verdugo Hills Country Club

Hi guys. I photographed this wonderful wedding this past Saturday. Very fun and awesome couple. I had a blast as always. I saw some old friends from back in the day and also made some new ones. All in all it was a great day for a beautiful wedding. A little hot but that didn’t bother me at all.

The ceremony took place at Holy Cross Armenian Cathedral in good ol’ Montebello. Reception was over at the Verdugo Hills Country Club in Glendale.

Here is just a few from this joyous day. Enjoy!

I love capturing real moments like these.

Just love this one. The flower girl was peeking over at the church singer and organist and I happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Another great moment with the kids. I actually photographed one of the kids Christening’s years back. The flower girl on the left of this picture.  It was great seeing her and the family again.

A magical moment as the groom witnesses and is taking pictures of the father daughter dance.

iPhone 4?    hehe








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Gary and Talin’s Engagement Session – Santa Monica

Hi Guys. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Yesterday I had allot of fun taking this wonderful fun and energetic couple out for a little photo fun. I will be photographing their wedding in a few weeks so we were just all warming up for the big dance. I love sunset on the pacific coast. Here is why..:)

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Surfing Fun

I have a big love for action sports photography. Im planning on doing more of it soon. Here is a few I photographed of some surfin action. 

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Yeghishe & Anush Wedding – Los Angeles, Ca.

Hey guys. Here it is. Yeghishe and Anush’s special day. I just want to say I had the ultimate time capturing this magical day for them. They are the nicest and classiest people you can ever meet and I am very happy in knowing them both. Here is a collection of my favorites of the day.  Enjoy!!!

This is what its all about for me and the big reason why I love what I do. Real moments like this.


Her father welcoming her new journey in life.

























Just having a great natural and fun time with the portraits.
















I want to congratulate the lovely bride and groom and once again thank them for having me be a part of their wedding day. I wish you guys all the best in life and may your lives be filled with many days like this one. – Vahagn,,, Styleimaging


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Yeghishe & Anush Wedding Preview

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. I know I did. Yesterday I captured the perfect wedding. What a great time and great people. Here is just a little preview for now. Check back for the full update.

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My little Angel – Summer Fun

I took my daughter out for a little fun sunday. I hadn’t taken pictures of her for over a month so I decided to take my camera along. :)

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Baby Jasmine

Hey guys. Check out cute adorable baby Jasmine’s studio session. I had the great honor of photographing her parents wedding a couple of years back and now I want to Congratulate them on their first born. They brought little jasmine to the studio for some portrait fun.

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Christine’s Sweet 16

I photographed a very fun Sweet 16 a few days back. Christine was turning 16 and I had the privilege of capturing the special moments for her and her family. It’s so amazing how time flies. My father photographed Christine’s Christening some 14 or 15 years ago and now I’m taking pictures of her Sweet 16. Well Christine, hopefully I will be doing the same at your wedding.  :)

We started the day with a little portrait fun. Great weather. Great location. Great people. Check it out!!!!!

This is one of my favorites of the day!!

Bellaj Banquet Hall –  What a classy venue. I was really impressed.

The DJ had some crazy laser lights going on. Really set the party dance ambiance.

This is one of my other favorites as well.

Congrats Christine on turning 16. It was a blast capturing your party for you.

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Katch & Gayane Engagement Shoot

I will be photographing this super fun couple’s Wedding in a few months and yesterday we decided to go out and take some engagement session fun pictures. We had a great time. Here is just a little example of what I captured. :)

I portrait of a proud grandfather looking on.

As you could see in this picture, we had a great ol time.  I can’t wait for the wedding day.

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Armenian Space Station – Warehouse photo shoot

Hey Guys. Im back for another update. Hope everyone is doing great out there. I did a photo shoot for this kick ass band called the Armenian Space Station. These guys rock. I photographed their show a couple of months back at the Roxy in Hollywood. Well this time we decided to do a photo shoot at a cool warehouse location for the band’s official photo. I had a great time working with these guys. Here are a few images from the shoot.

BTW, the band will be performing at the Troubadour  in Hollywood July 23rd. I have another photography engagement that day or else I would of been there. Be sure to check them out.

A little something I designed myself. What do you guys think? :)

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Yeghish and Anush engagement shoot

Im back to update you guys with Yeghish and Anush’s awesome engagement photo shoot we had a few days ago. I will have the great pleasure of photographing their wedding in August but for now we decided to take a romantic stroll on the beaches of Malibu. The time of day was just perfect. The setting could not be any better. I just love when all the photographic elements come together. Makes for amazing visuals. These are just a few of my favorites of the day.

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David’s Christening

Hey guys. Im back for another post. In today’s blog post I’m proud to show you guys images I captured this past Saturday of 3 yr. old David’s christening. I love photographing kids. Part of it comes from having my own daughter at home and the importance I put documenting and recording steps in children’s lives. They grow up so fast and when you look back at images in the past you say WOW!! That  ”WOW” out of my clients mouth is what it’s all about for me as a visual artist. Love it.

On with the images. Enjoy.

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Tigran and Anush’s Wedding – Los Angeles CA.

So here it is guys. Tigran and Anush’s amazing day. I just love being a part of these wonderful weddings. It gives me great pleasure to create imagery for my clients to cherish for ever and ever. Enjoy guys.

The groom’s father. Mr. Avedis. I can imagine how happy he is.

Another touching moment via skype. The bride and groom enjoying the presence of the bride’s family back in Armenia. I love the true emotions of this great moment.

One of the groom’s brothers was my very own best man at my wedding. Here is a picture of my best man Kris and his wife and also matron of honor at my wedding Ruzzanna along with the their awesome kids. Ruzz and I went to high school together and our families along with Kris’s family are very close. :)

Time for some STYLE IMAGING!!!

Just love this one. I knew I would when I shot it.

The best man and matron of honor. Tigran’s older brother and his wife.

Tiko’s parents looking on and enjoying their son’s wedding ceremony.

I dedicate this picture to my dad. This was one of  his OG shots when he was shooting wedding.  Thinking of you when I took it. Love yah!!!  :)

Congratulations guys. I wish you life long of happiness, health, and success. Have many kids and don’t forget to have the kids over for portraits.  I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed capturing them for you guys. Have fun and enjoy.

Ceremony – St. John Armenian Apostolic Church – Hollywood
Reception – MGM Baquet Hall –
Florist – Lucy’s Design
Limo – ABA Unique
Videographer – Mher
Musicians – Mamik
DJ- Karen
Jewelry – Arsa Jewelry

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Tigran and Anush Wedding Preview

It was a great pleasure of mine to photograph this awesome wedding yesterday. Great couple! Fun times! Here is a sneak peek. Stay tuned for the full blog entry of this fantastic wedding. 

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Jimmy and Anna “out and about” photo shoot

I photographed this couple’s lovely wedding a month or so ago as you guys probably saw on my past blog posts but we never got a chance to do an engagement shoot before the wedding due to everyones busy and hectic schedule. So yesterday I decided to take them to the city for a little fun. The couple, me and ofcourse my camera :) Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. 

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Little David’s Photo Shoot

Hey guys. Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Mine was extremely busy. I thought I would share a few images of a photo shoot I had today. Cute adorable 3 yr old little David. It went great. Family was super cool. I had the privilege of photographing their other son’s christening about 4 years ago and now time has come for little David to be baptized. This is  a pre-christening photo session before the big day in a few weeks. Here are some of the images from earlier today. Enjoy. 

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Zara’s Graduation Ceremony

Hi guys. I was honored to attend my wonderful sister in law’s graduation ceremony today at Cal State University, Northridge. We are all proud of you Zara. I wish you all the best in life. I wish you happiness and success in whatever you set yourself to do.

The ceremony was great. I felt super inspired witnessing such joy and ofcourse I had my camera with me so I captured some images for all to see. After the ceremony we all went to a nice location in Pasadena to take some more portraits and stuff. Enjoy.

Mom & Daughter :)

A picture with my Wifey!! Hey Lucy :)

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Jimmy and Anna’s Wedding – Montebello, CA.

Hey guys. Hope all is well out there. As promised, here it is. Jimmy and Anna’s awesome wedding I photographed about a week ago. Let me just say that I had a blast. We all did. This couple was as fun as they get. We captured some memorable moments that even I was excited about. The energy. The good vibes. The moments. All the elements came together for an incredible photographic experience. It was like the photographic gods aligned the photographic stars just right. Anyway. Enough of my babel. Enjoy the moments.

The Hosharian Bros Band rocking the house!!!

Ok this was one of the most emotional moments I’ve felt in a long time photographing. Everyone at the reception, Im talking 350 plus people felt the power of this moment right here. Via Skype live from Armenia, the bride’s family giving a toast to their daughter. It was awesome. Words cannot describe the emotion felt at that moment. This is why I love this picture and I will always remember this moment right here. This is what it’s all about folks. These are real moments. :)

Here is a shot of the family actually giving that toast thousands of miles away live. Awesome!!!

I’ll end this blog post with a picture of the crew with the bride and groom. Maestro, always a pleasure working with you. Thank you. Hayk and  Kostanten you guys rocked on video. Always great seeing you guys. A special thanks to Greg Hosharian for getting the word out. Thanks bro, always appreciate it my brother.  And last but not least. Jimmy and Anna. Thank you again for having me as your wedding photographer. It was my pleasure working for you guys. Many more years and happy occasions to come. I’m sure will be be seeing each other. Thank you!!!.

Church – Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic – Montebello, CA.
Reception – Bagramian Hall  - Montebello, CA.
Wedding Dress – Karoza Design
Hair – Champs-Elysees Beauty Salon‎ – Glendale CA.
Make up  - Lynn
Videography – KP Productions
Limo – Pleasure Limousine –
Rings – Paragon Jewelry
Flowers – Sandra’s Botanica Florist  -
Catering – Golden Skewer –
Band – Hosharian Bros Band –
DJ – Peter P.

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