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5.7.13 Edwin and Ocie’s Special Day – Pre Wedding – Wedding – St. Leon Armenian Church – Ritz Celebration Burbank, CA.

Hi everybody. Today i would like to showcase an amazing couple. I thought I would approach things a bit different this time around. I would like to showcase this lovely couples wedding, pre wedding  all in one. Kind of a look back at the wonderful times we all had. It all started with an amazing pre wedding shoot out by the beach and on from there. Here you will see the special moments from the beginning when I first started photographing Ed and Ocie till the last seconds of the wedding day and everything in between. We had a great time all around. You will also see just how much effort I put forth in making my bride and grooms happy. Styleimaging is much more than just show up to the wedding take a few pictures, NO. I put my heart and soul into each project I work on. Its a passion for me and I love it. If my camera and I are involved in anything I do in my life then Im all in or nothing.  Anyways. Enough about me.  Enjoy some of the images that were my personal favs. Thank you .




















































Edwin and Ocie’s Wedding

Videographer –  Stavro Video
Church –  St. Leon Armenian Cathedral
Venue – Ritz Celebration Banquet Hall
Cake – Anna’s Cake House Pasadena CA.
Flowers – Design By Ashley
Hair Stylist –   Tonya
Make up artist –  Make up by Arpi

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4.18.13 Garo & Zarmig’s Pre wedding fun – Langham Huntington Pasadena CA.

Here is a few I photographed of a very special couple. We went out for a little pre wedding photography fun. Can’t wait for the wedding!! VH.















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4.6.11 Sofia’s 3rd Birthday

Hey guys. Hope everyone is having a great day. Today’s blog post I thought I would share photographs I took of my little niece’s 3rd Birthday. I can’t believe she’s 3 already. Time goes by so fast. We had a blast. Here’s just a few I took that day.

I will start it off with 3 pictures. I’ve taken pictures of her ever since she was born. The first image is of Sofia just a few months old. The second is of her 1st bday which I captured as well. All I can say is time flies. Enjoy every minute of every day with your kids and family.

Vrej Pastry in Pasadena did a great job on the Little Princess Cake! It was an adventure taking it from Pasadena to Huntington Beach. hehe :)

As you can see all the kids, My little princess Ani, all her little cousins, family and relatives had a great time and I was happy to have captured it the STYLEIMAGING way :)

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Happy Halloween 2010

Hey everybody. I want to wish everyone a happy and safe halloween. I took some pictures of my little angel for halloween today. We had allot of fun. She was a little bunny rabbit this year.

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Surfing Fun

I have a big love for action sports photography. Im planning on doing more of it soon. Here is a few I photographed of some surfin action. 

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My little Angel – Summer Fun

I took my daughter out for a little fun sunday. I hadn’t taken pictures of her for over a month so I decided to take my camera along. :)

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RUSH live at the Gibson – Los Angeles

Last night I took a little break from my busy schedule and I went and saw my fav band of all time RUSH play at the Gibson Universal City. What a concert. For those of you who didn’t know,, I’ve been a long time  die hard Rush fan since grade school. This was probably my 6th or 7th Rush concert. The best by far. This band keeps getting better every time I see them. I had great seats, 5 or 6 rows from the stage in the pit section. I’ve never seen them so up close. :) It was awesome.

I noticed photographers in the front row taking pictures, Press and personal for the band,  it turned me on to the idea of getting more into band and live performance photography. My main thing is Weddings, but I would love to take my photography skills and apply them, deliver my services to artists and performers aswell. My love fore music and “playing the drums” is at an all time high and that definitely influences me to get more into ROCK PHOTOGRAPHY.

Being an amateur drummer myself, Neil Peart – Drummer and Lyricist for RUSH-  is my all time favorite drummer. He will always be #1 in my book.

So here is a little video I put together of last nights awesome show. There was no cameras allowed so I used my iPhone to capture some of the magic of last night.  I just wished I had my gear on me last night.. ahhhhh imagine that…

So on with the video, check it out.

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Nikon Live Cool Shot Contest

Hey guys. One of my images that I like dearly is in a contest over at NIKON. Armenian space station drummer Barrett Yeretsian jammin at the Roxy. I’d love for you guys to vote for my image. It takes 2 seconds. Here is the link. 

Nikon Cool Shot Contest

Here is the link one more time and thank you for your vote!!!!

Nikon Cool Shot Contest

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Diego Forlan,, They are in the Semi’s baby. GO uruguay.

For those of you who didn’t know. My mother’s side of the family is from Uruguay  of Armenian decent. She was born in Uruguay and I have many relatives still living in Montevideo Uruguay.  So them progressing like this is a big deal for me personally. This means more to me then just rooting for a team to do well. I guess you can say its a family thing. GO URUGUAY GO!!!!!

I wish I was in the sidelines right now with a 600MM just snappin away. One day hopefully.

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