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11.9.14 Patrick & Tina Pre Wedding shoot & Wedding – St. Mary’s Armenian Church Brandview Anoush Banquet Hall Armenian Wedding

Today’s blog post I would like to feature one amazing great down to earth fun couple!! YES, I captured their precious moments a while back but never got the chance to feature them here until now. Patrick and Tina I had a wonderful time. Thank you for having Styleimaging capture your precious wonderful moments. I thought i would feature both the pre wedding moments aswell as the wedding day. Cherish these images forever. Enjoy the moments. – vh :)























































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10.31.14 Peter & Ana’s Pre Engagement / Engagement – Palladio Banquet hall Langham Pasadena

Hello guys. Today I thought I would share an awesome pre-engagement / enagagement photoshoot. Enjoy.




































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5.7.13 Edwin and Ocie’s Special Day – Pre Wedding – Wedding – St. Leon Armenian Church – Ritz Celebration Burbank, CA.

Hi everybody. Today i would like to showcase an amazing couple. I thought I would approach things a bit different this time around. I would like to showcase this lovely couples wedding, pre wedding  all in one. Kind of a look back at the wonderful times we all had. It all started with an amazing pre wedding shoot out by the beach and on from there. Here you will see the special moments from the beginning when I first started photographing Ed and Ocie till the last seconds of the wedding day and everything in between. We had a great time all around. You will also see just how much effort I put forth in making my bride and grooms happy. Styleimaging is much more than just show up to the wedding take a few pictures, NO. I put my heart and soul into each project I work on. Its a passion for me and I love it. If my camera and I are involved in anything I do in my life then Im all in or nothing.  Anyways. Enough about me.  Enjoy some of the images that were my personal favs. Thank you .




















































Edwin and Ocie’s Wedding

Videographer –  Stavro Video
Church –  St. Leon Armenian Cathedral
Venue – Ritz Celebration Banquet Hall
Cake – Anna’s Cake House Pasadena CA.
Flowers – Design By Ashley
Hair Stylist –   Tonya
Make up artist –  Make up by Arpi

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4.18.13 Garo & Zarmig’s Pre wedding fun – Langham Huntington Pasadena CA.

Here is a few I photographed of a very special couple. We went out for a little pre wedding photography fun. Can’t wait for the wedding!! VH.















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4.14.12 Dulce and Gonzalo’s E-Session

Today’s blog post I would like to feature an awesome super fun couple. I had a blast photography this photo shoot.  I can’t wait for the wedding. For now here are just a few images of this incredible e session. enjoy.


























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2.13.12 Tiffany and Jason’s E-Session

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did.  I spent some time with a very special couple. Their wedding is coming up later on this year and we just went out and had a little fun with the camera. We started out at this very interesting art gallery on La Brea. Then ventured out onto Wilshire blvd. The weather started out sunny. No rain in sight. Then things changed. The rain came. Totally unexpected. I turned that surprising turn of events to a positive and incorporated that element into my shots. I am totally happy with the results. Here are some of my favorites from yesterday. Enjoy.





















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2.11.12 Lisa and Ramon’s E-Session

I took this crazy fun couple out for a little E session fun and let me tell you it was GREAT. We had a blast. The wedding is coming up and I can only imagine how amazing its going to be. Im very happy to be a part of their day coming up. Here is just a taste of what I captured this day. Enjoy.

























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1.18.12 E-session fun with Nathan and Fabiola

Hello everyone. Happy New year to everyone. I thought I would start off the new year with a blog post featuring a wonderful fun couple Nathan and Fabiola. They were such a joy to photograph. Their wedding was a blast to capture and that post will be coming up soon but for now a little Pre wedding E session fun.















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10.3.11 Linda and Shara’s E-Session – Downtown LA Live Nokia Staples Center

I want to share this awesome E-session I photographed for this amazing and fun couple. We ventured to the heart of LA and we really didn’t have a concrete plan on what we wanted to achieve. We just went with the flow. Ideas started popping in my mind and it went on from there. It was everything I would ever envision in a photoshoot. :)  Can’t wait for the wedding coming soon because I know its going to be off the hook.  Enjoy the images everyone and have a great week.




























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9.1.11 Suzy and Gevorg’s Engagement Session

Today’s blog post Im featuring this fun and amazing couple. Gevorg and Suzy’s big day is fast approaching and I thought I would kick off the celebration with this engagement photo shoot. We were all over the city just havin a fun photographic time. Capturing them this day just made me even more excited for the wedding. Gevorg is such a cool and chill kind of person. They both are. We had a blast.

Ok! On with the pictures. I thought I might try something a bit different this time. A little story to go along with the images. Enjoy  :)


























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7.22.11 Yalaisa and Ken’s Engagement Session

Hey guys. Hope everyone is having an awesome fun friday. In today’s blog post I thought I would share a few of my favorites from Yalaiasa and Ken’s engagement session. It was a perfect day at a most perfect setting. Love it. This couple was soon to get married and we went out for a little photography fun.

Thank you K and Y for making this session what it is. Your love for each other is out of this world. I just sat back and captured so naturally. Every image  displayed your love and character. A photographers dream. Enjoy!

Can’t wait to show you these crazy kids wedding day so stay tuned!!!













Hehe!!!!   :)











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7.16.11 Mariana and Harout’s Engagement session

Here it is everyone. Harout and Mariana’s session. We had a blast. I know Harout and his family going all the way back to grade school. Great people!!  I am totally excited to capture their wedding this coming weekend. Good times ahead as always. Here are just a few of my favorites of the day. Wedding coming soon so stay tuned to :)  Enjoy!















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7.15.11 Mariana and Harout’s Engagement Session Preview

Hello Guys. Here is a little preview of Mariana and Harout’s engagement session I had the privilege in capturing the other day. We had the ultimate fun time.  Their big day is fast approaching and I’m totally excited in capturing all the magic for them. The full blog post of this session on my next blog post so stay tuned!


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Nathan & Lara’s Engagement Shoot

I had such a fun time with Nathan & Lara. My future bride and groom. They are die hard baseball fans and where else in LA could we incorporate their passion? Non other than the legendary Dodgers Stadium. This place is just a blast to photograph. Filled with history. Legends have played here. The who’s who of the world have all witnessed baseball greatness here. And now I have it all to myself. hehe,  For a few hours at least.  Mix this location with this super cool couple and what do you get? What your about to see. Emotion, Fun, Colors, Love, Passion, and VAHAGN – pointed a lens right at you! ,, hehe,  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The legend Frank Sinatra’s seats.

The legendary retired Jerseys in the halls of the clubhouse.

The 1988 World Series Championship Trophy. Wow right in front of me. Awesome!














I ran into my old Montebello High School Classmate. Wow it has been 15 years. He actually works on the premises. How cool huh.

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Gary and Talin’s Engagement Session – Santa Monica

Hi Guys. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Yesterday I had allot of fun taking this wonderful fun and energetic couple out for a little photo fun. I will be photographing their wedding in a few weeks so we were just all warming up for the big dance. I love sunset on the pacific coast. Here is why..:)

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Katch & Gayane Engagement Shoot

I will be photographing this super fun couple’s Wedding in a few months and yesterday we decided to go out and take some engagement session fun pictures. We had a great time. Here is just a little example of what I captured. :)

I portrait of a proud grandfather looking on.

As you could see in this picture, we had a great ol time.  I can’t wait for the wedding day.

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Yeghish and Anush engagement shoot

Im back to update you guys with Yeghish and Anush’s awesome engagement photo shoot we had a few days ago. I will have the great pleasure of photographing their wedding in August but for now we decided to take a romantic stroll on the beaches of Malibu. The time of day was just perfect. The setting could not be any better. I just love when all the photographic elements come together. Makes for amazing visuals. These are just a few of my favorites of the day.

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Karo & Mary’s Engagement Preview

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Yesterday I shot an awesome engagement party. Here is just a little preview of the park session beforehand. Stay tuned for the full post coming soon.



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Tina & Toros Engagement Session

I took this awesome couple out for their engagement photo shoot and we had allot of fun. I like these shoots because you get the opportunity to talk with your clients and really get to know them. At the actual engagement or wedding you are very limited because of all that goes on during that time. So this is a great way of really breaking the ice so that they are 100% comfortable with me and my photography. We had a great time.

So check it out thanks.






Time to do a little shopping!!!!


We had a great time during this whole shopping ordeal. :)  Specially Toros.



This picture is the best!!! Love it.


As you can see it all turned out great at the end. 





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Raffi & Elizabeth’s Enagegement Shoot

As promised. Here it is. Raffi & Elizabeth’s engagement shoot in Malibu, CA. The day was a bit overcast  but  it  cleared up towards the end of the shoot. We had a great time. They are a super fun couple and I can’t wait for their wedding in July. 


The tide was strong and it made for incredible images like this. Love it.!



Self Portrait time. Nice pose Raffi.


LOCATION!  LOCATION!  LOCATION!. It was perfect for what we were after. 


Go Lakers Go! Big time Laker fans like me. What perfect time to show your Laker spirit days after they win their 15th World championship.


One of my favorite shots of the shoot. I just like how this picture came out. Background adds to the picture so much. 



heheheh…    NIce…..


Wow nice hops Eliz! Even with those shoes. 



Lakers #1 baby!



You guys were awesome. See you in July!!!!!


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Raffi & Elizabeth’s Engagement Shoot – Coming Soon

I will be posting my favorite images of Raffi & Eliz’s engagement photoshoot in a couple of days.  It was awesome. The pictures are amazing. Good people. Good times. Their wedding is next month and with their busy schedule we somehow pulled it off. So stay tuned for the full update. Yes as you can see, they are HUGE Laker fans like me :)

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