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3.27.13 “The Moon” Check out this clip I shot

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Edward Hosharian Memorial Concert – Zipper Hall Los Angeles

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph my dear close friend Greg Hosharian’s concert on sunday in which he was conducting the Armenian Pops Orchestra. The Concert was to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Greg’s father,  Armenian musician, composer, and conductor Edward Hosharian’s tragic death at the age of 50.

All I have to say is one word. WOW.. What an amazing performance and I was lucky enough to witness it and capture it. 

Here is a slideshow presentation I put together of some of the images I captured that night. The piece is an actual performance I recorded that night as I was shooting. If you listen closely you can actually here my shutter go off on my camera a couple of times.  :) Enjoy

Edward Hosharian Memorial Concert – October 24, 2010 from Vahagn Photographer on Vimeo.

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RUSH live at the Gibson – Los Angeles

Last night I took a little break from my busy schedule and I went and saw my fav band of all time RUSH play at the Gibson Universal City. What a concert. For those of you who didn’t know,, I’ve been a long time  die hard Rush fan since grade school. This was probably my 6th or 7th Rush concert. The best by far. This band keeps getting better every time I see them. I had great seats, 5 or 6 rows from the stage in the pit section. I’ve never seen them so up close. :) It was awesome.

I noticed photographers in the front row taking pictures, Press and personal for the band,  it turned me on to the idea of getting more into band and live performance photography. My main thing is Weddings, but I would love to take my photography skills and apply them, deliver my services to artists and performers aswell. My love fore music and “playing the drums” is at an all time high and that definitely influences me to get more into ROCK PHOTOGRAPHY.

Being an amateur drummer myself, Neil Peart – Drummer and Lyricist for RUSH-  is my all time favorite drummer. He will always be #1 in my book.

So here is a little video I put together of last nights awesome show. There was no cameras allowed so I used my iPhone to capture some of the magic of last night.  I just wished I had my gear on me last night.. ahhhhh imagine that…

So on with the video, check it out.

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Raffi and Elizabeth “a look back” by Vahagn

I put together this video of a wonderful couple I had the pleasure in working with a little under a year ago. Raffi and Eliz,  Here is an early
anniversary present from Styleimaging. Enjoy it!!!!  :) 


Raffi and Elizabeth – “a look back” by Vahagn from Vahagn Photographer on Vimeo.

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Happy 30th Birthday to my lovely wife!!!!

Hey guys. Today is my wife Lusine’s 30th Birthday. I’ve known her for almost 7 years and it has been the best 7 years of my life. I want to wish her the best of the best and for her to have a happy birthday. Here is a little video I put together and I am dedicating it to her for her birthday. I wish you all the best babe. Let’s have a great 30th B-day for you and another 100 more years together.

A special thanks to Maral at Larvine Flowers in Pasadena for putting together something nice for Lusine. She loved the surprise very much.

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Jammin to some great tunes!

Here is a few clips of me clearing my head after a long hard day of photographing or editing. I love CONTRAST not only in my pictures I take but in my life aswell.

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Hosharian brothers band music video

I had the privilege of filming and directing a music video for the Hosharian bros bandGreg Hosharian- (Keyboard/bass) and I were thinking about doing something together and we finally did. So here it is. Having made the transition from videography to photography, filming, and editing videos and films will always be there. I will always have a special love for video making. btw, for those of you who didn’t know, I am an avid movie collector. I love movies.

These guys rock. They mix Armenian traditional music with a rock feel to it. Sounds very unique and awesome. These guys are all great musicians and it shows when they jam. There is a story line  in the video which   we all came up with and it turned out great. Ziggy the Zapper Toromanian plays the father and Raffi Petrossian plays the son. They did a hell of a job. So here it is. Tamzara! Enjoy.


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Ani on the drums!

Hey guys. Hope all is well out there. I thought I would share a video clip of my baby on the drums for the first time. She did very well actually. At almost 6 months I thought I would give her a very early start at it. lol.. 

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Vendetta Drum Video by Vahagn

Hey guys. I thought I’d share with you a video I put together. I’m playing the drum parts to the song Vendetta. I was in a Rock Band a while back and this song was one of the first songs we wrote for the band. Greg Hosharian  and I started the band back in 1997 and we recorded a CD in 1998 with 3 other guys. We played a hand full of shows in LA and OC and we even played in a greatest hits tribute CD for the band Fates Warning. That whole experience was one I will always cherish. Jamming, writing songs, and hanging out with Greg and the band was a great time. Being a part of  Vendetta was a big milestone for me in my life. I will never forget what we have done and accomplished together.

 All in all it was a great time in my life. I thought I would bring back some of the Vendetta times so what I did  was I made a video jamming to one of the songs. It was a blast to play again. I had to re learn some of the parts because it has been a while but it was like riding a bike.  I remembered the parts and fills like almost as if it was programmed in my head. Crazy feeling.

BTW.  That is where I have been the past week. lol.. hence no blog postings. Just been jamming on the drums and having fun. Back to editing some images  and putting together a few albums for clients. I will hit the drum set later. hahah. Anyway talk to you guys soon and enjoy the video. The video was shot and mixed yesterday. :)

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A year in review – A look back

Here is a slideshow for you guys. Looking back a year of some of my memorable moments in photography. This year has been great and hopefully It will keep getting better. The great thing about photography and in anything really is that the more you do it the better you become and looking back at some of your earlier work you can’t help it but to smile. That feeling is priceless.  My measuring stick is the customer. If the customer loves there images then I guess you must be doing something right. 

Enjoy the Video!

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Ani’s 3 month video

I put together a short video of Ani at 3 months. Here it is.

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Canon 5D Mark II first videos

For today’s post I thought I would share a couple of  very short HD video clips I shot at a wedding. While photographing the wedding I thought I would take a second and try the video feature out. These videos were shot with the all new Canon 5D mark II DSLR camera. Allot more on my thoughts on this camera later, but let me tell you, Im very pleased with the results. Not only do I use this camera shooting portraits and wedding pictures professionally  but I’m also very happy with the full HD 1080p capture it does as well.

A clip of the one and only Mr. Dickran Mansurian from Mansurian Photography. I love working with him. Never a dull moment.

Watch this clip in FULL HD on VIMEO HERE 

A clip of the musicians at the bride’s house. The clarinet, dhol,and accordion sound so good together. Love it

About 8 years ago I used to shoot video professionally and these days I find myself dabbling and having fun with video. Not a bad HD video. I’ve shot with many video cameras in the past but I see a real advantage in using Canon glass. More videos coming soon so stay tuned!

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