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Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Wow guys. 5 years ago today yours truly got married to a girl named Lusine.  WOW 5 years. I cannot believe how time goes by. I remember the day so clearly. That is until I had a little to much to drink,, hehe Thankfully it was at the end of the wedding party. :) But it seems like it was yesterday I was planning the wedding and now, 5 years later, raising so far our only child Ani and just living life.

For the next five years, Lusine and I are going to make an effort to travel more and see different parts of the world. Photographing each step as we go along.  I haven’t done much traveling these past 5 years because of work and the baby.

Here are a few images of my special day. Ohh and let me add this. As years go by , wedding photography becomes that much more precious. Looking back at how things were, Im so glad I had my day documented and captured the right way. Thank you Maestro Dickran Mansurian – Mansurian Photograhy.  You rock!!  So all you future couples out there, invest in what truly is the most important part of your wedding. The memories. Here are a few for you guys. 

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