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Got the iPad!!!!

Well guys. I thought I’d write a non professional review on the apple iPad from a consumer point of view. I’m not much for writing reviews but what the heck.

I finally got one of these puppies. My first impression. Amazing. Just amazing. I new I was going to like it when I got it. It is not for everybody. but for those who use the many features and apps on the iphone,, then this is a great addition on a way bigger scale. I am a big apple fan. They just make products that work. One thing though, I own a macbook pro and a macbook already and I seldom use them for internet anymore.  This will by no means replace your computer, because its meant for a different purpose but maybe it will change the way you read email and surf the web. The battery life is really good compared to the iPhone. 



I was impressed on how the keyboard comes up and how easy it is to use. I myself have big hands and I found no problem typing. One thing about typing, you might have to get used to it a bit. It all depends how you use it. Its a bit tricky on your lap. You might find it hard to get into a comfortable position using both hands to type because of the nature of the product. It doesn’t bend or sway like a laptop does. 


Internet is so much fun on this thing. Its smooth. The screen is crisp. and the functionality really brings new meaning to surfing the web. I love it. And yes, the video works on that espn page you see up there when I click the play button.  Playoffs baby!!!! Go Lakers!!


The apps. Ohh the apps.. Great.  There are apps specially designed for the ipad. and all the old iphone apps work on here aswell. The screen minimized on the iphone apps but you can zoom in. I happened to download this air hockey game. Very fun. I got checkers on here aswell. Im guessing you put the ipad on a table and play with a friend. The things they come up with. Never a dull moment anymore. :)


YouTube works great. The browsing menu for videos is something I’ve never seen. So easy and fluid. Here’s a video of the Armenian Space Station I was watching on my IPad. 


I thought I would show you the size compared to the iPhone. 

Anyway, these are my first impressions after owning my 32gb iPad for only a few hours. I bought the WiFi only version because i thought well, It would be faster and the fact that the 3G is not out yet,, Who knows,, maybe if I feel like I would need the 3G  wifi version, I will just upgrade.

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