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George & Narine’s Wedding

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day. As promised, here are some special moments I captured of George & Narine’s big day. 


When I arrived at George’s house he was still in a t shirt and jeans. We were joking and having a great time from the start. 


I finally convinced him to start getting ready. :)


Portrait time with the groom. 



The bride walking up the staircase  for her portraits and you know me always ready to capture it.




One of my favorites!!!!



I love this shot with George’s family walking to meet Narine. George lives a few blocks away which I thought was really cool. Who needs a limo.








Another one of my favorites!! :)


Narine right before the ceremony.








How I love candle light!!!







Rock On!!! I make it a habit in getting my picture taken with the bride and groom so they never forget who they  chose as their photographer. Just kidding,,, I had a great time guys. Thank you for a wonderful time. Hope you love the images. May you guys cherish them for years to come.

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