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 I had some issues with my blog and the software associated with my blog. Some technical stuff but i finally got it sorted out. so im back. Been real busy with work and allot of editing. Im working on my site  and im going to launch it in a few weeks. is going to be my exclusive place for my pro photography stuff. will continue to be my blog. 

Other stuff going on, 

My Daughter Ani just turned 1. Happy birthday Ani . She is such a big part of my life now. Its so great. How time flies. 

So anyway im back  online blogging and I will get it started with an image of the week. 

BTW George and Narine wedding to follow shortly. thanks.


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  1. nice shot, welcome back and happy b-day to the lovely girl

    October 25, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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