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Long time no Blog? ANI 8 months! LAKERS CHAMPS! Father day!

Hey  Guys, I know. its been a while. Well just to let u all know, lots of changes on the way,, great changes. As you can see my blog has recieved   a  face lift. That is just some of the things I have been up to lately. Been working hard. Wedding season is here and its been busy. As you guys see, my new site name VAHAGN PHOTOGRAPHER. More on that later. I’m back.  There is going to be blog updates very frequently. I promised myself that Im going to be commited to blogging almost everyday. Ive been shooting allot. many interesting people. My family is great. My wife, My little girl ANi.  She is 8 months today. Wow how time passes. Anyway. I will share lots and lots of things with u guys soon, 

PS. got the new Iphone 3GS  32gig .. love it,, its amazing.Let see what else.. Ohh yah Congrats to my Lakers for the championship. I new  they could do it this year.and also happy father’s day to all the fathers out there. This is my first year being a father and it waas great. Spent time with wifey and my parents. anyway.. bye for now,,,

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